Version released 03/18/2017

  1. BugFix: Non-english versions only, fixed errors on the Record and receive screens.
Version released 03/15/2017

  1. BugFix: When the List View on the main form was set as the first tab, it would be blank after the initial load.
  2. BugFix: Date controls embedded in a grid could cause the application to crash if the calendar popup was not used.
  3. BugFix: Under Windows 10 monitor size data was not being returned for listing on the error handler.
  4. BugFix: Under windows 10 an attempt to access the Service pack number would prevent complete listing of data in the error handler.
  5. BugFix: Edits in the History grid would fail if a combobox or a date control was edited to a null value.
  6. Enhancement: Made the standards grid easily expandable to improve useability.
  7. Enhancement: Made all the forms in the application printable through the use of the global Hot-Key Ctr-Alt-F5.
  8. Enhancement: Added "Print Screen" Form.
  9. Enhancement: Added Hints to the status flags to provide more information on equipment status.
  10. Enhancement: Prevented entry of future dates for the "Last Action Date" on the Add Item Form.
  11. Enhancement: Improved the calculation of colors and painting of alternate row colors.
  12. Enhancement: Add column captions to CSV and TXT grid exports.
  13. Enhancement: Increased the output speed of grid exports from the main form.
  14. Translation: Updated all translation files.
  15. Translation: Added Alpha translation of Polish, problems are to be expected because this is the first TrackPro language to use the central European character set. The language pack is available at


Al, I have been using TrackPro since 2006 and have found it extremely useful. Currently I have over 700 items in the database so keeping track of all those items is a monumental task and your software makes it a breeze. Thank you very much also for your continual support.

Carl Phillips
Proctor & Gamble
Sep 07, 2014
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